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Across the U.S., drivers are required to carry some form of proof of financial responsibility and insurance. This proof of insurance can be used by the police in case the driver or vehicle is involved in an accident or are stopped for some reason.

However, the requirements are more stringent for drivers/vehicles that have been involved in a traffic violation. These drivers are required to show proof of their financial responsibility in the form of an Illinois SR22 Insurance.

This form allows the driver to operate a vehicle within the state limits without getting their license suspended. If the driver fails to show proof, the state’s DMV can suspend their license and take away driving privileges.

Understanding this protocol and the requirements of the state of Illinois, Foxx Insurance offers quick and affordable Illinois SR22 insurance coverage. We make sure that each client gets efficient services without any delay.

From filing the form to renewals, we ensure that your legal requirements are considered while filing your form. If you require an SR22 insurance certificate immediately, get in touch with us to get an estimate.

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Illinois SR22

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How fast can we file your paperwork?

We can bind your policy and file your paperwork immediately. While the documents may not show up in the State’s computer system for up to 72 hours, we provide you with an FR44 or SR22 certificate within 30 minutes via email. We can even fax your paperwork directly to the appropriate DMV.

Additional Information

  • An amount of $55,000 in cash or securities may be deposited with the State Treasurer in place of the SR-22. The motorist can also file a surety bond or a real estate bond approved by a court of record.
  • Illinois DMV

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