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FR-44 Insurance in Jacksonville, Miami, & Tampa, FL

FR-44 Insurance Information

Are you required to get an FR-44 form for your auto insurance? Are you trying to figure out the difference between an FR-44 owner form and an FR-44 non-owner form?

Why not just call your Foxx Insurance agent right now? Our number is (877) 409–1063, and we’re always happy to help every Florida driver get the insurance solutions they need to legally drive, without hassling them with inconvenience and misunderstanding. FR-44s are not overly complicated. And calling us will help you save time and money because we promise to get everything right from the get-go.

If you’re interested in learning more about an FR-44, then just keep reading.

What Is An FR-44?

Some people think that FR-44s are special types of car insurance. In reality, they are endorsements that are added to an auto insurance policy when someone has gotten their driver’s license suspended due to a DUI. The FR-44 helps them get their driver’s license reinstated.

In order to get your driver’s license and driving privileges back, you must purchase an FR-44 and submit (or have it submitted for you) an FR-44 to the local DMV or to the state. The FR-44 will serve as proof for the state that you have active auto insurance. You must keep the FR-44 attached to your auto policy until your penalty period expires, which is usually a couple of years.

Do I Need an Owner or Non-Owner FR-44?

Simply put, an FR-44 owners policy is for people who own a car and need an FR-44. A non-owner policy is for people who do not own a car and need an FR-44. Depending on your ownership status, you might need one policy or the other. There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the one for you:

  • Being the owner of a vehicle does not mean it is paid off. Even if you are financing a vehicle, you are the owner.
  • There are some situations that owners can get a non-owner policy and save a ton of money. Some customers have even saved $3,000+ a year or more just by calling us.
  • We partner with insurance companies that offer payment plan options on both owner and non-owner FR-44 policies. You may not have to pay in full for a 6 month or 12-month period, depending on what works for you.

We understand that getting an FR-44 might seem like a hassle, and we know that you might be worried that having one will drive up your insurance rates. But don’t worry. We have many companies that we work with, and we’ll make sure your FR-44 policy comes from the one that offers you the most convenience and affordability under the circumstances.

That’s why we always say call us if you are looking for an FR-44 policy and don’t know where to start. We’ll make it a lot easier for you.