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Protecting Your Safety with Affordable California SR22 Insurance

If you reside anywhere in California, you are required by the state to prove your financial responsibility. Failing to do so can implicate your ability to operate a vehicle within the state lines.

For most drivers, this includes purchasing an auto insurance policy and carrying proof of their car’s insurance. In case they are involved in an accident or stopped by a police officer, they can show proof of their insurance.

However, some drivers are required to carry another form of proof of their financial responsibility to retain their driving privileges following a traffic-related offense. This coverage is called SR22 insurance.

Foxx Insurance understands the protocols and requirements of the California DMV. We have streamlined our process and designed them so clients can easily file for an SR22 insurance policy.

We have trained and expert staff as a part of our team, helping people be responsible and get back on the road after a one-time offense. Prioritizing your convenience, we have integrated business policies and processes that expedite your California SR22 filing.

Also, we help our clients find affordable solutions by offering more affordable rates. Our rates start as low as $14, providing you protection with affordable insurance.