What is an FR44?

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What is an FR44?

FR44s are mandated by the courts for alcohol-related high-risk drivers in order to reinstate their driving privileges. FR stands for Financial Responsibility and contrary to popular knowledge, an FR44 is a certificate of insurance not a type of insurance.  What does this mean? It is a certification the insurance provider gives to a policy that certifies the insurer has the required state-mandated minimum auto insurance coverage. A driver must carry an FR44 for three consecutive years, in order to be allowed to drive.

What is the cost?


While the price of an FR44 is from $15- $45, it is the cost of the policy that increases. The exact cost for a policy would vary from person to person, taking into account driving record, age, and location, amongst other factors. While SR22’s coverage requirements can vary, with FR44’s the required minimum coverage is $100/$300/$50 for Florida and $60/$120/$40 for Virginia. Still, feeling lost? Don’t worry, let’s break this down even further. The first number represents the bodily injury liability limit per person in the accident. The second number represents the coverage limit for the entire accident. The third number represents the limit for property damage.

Drivers requiring an FR44 are required to pay their 6-month or yearly premium in full. While this is certainly a stressor for most, it is good to know that you can switch policies during those three years, as long as there are no lapses. This means you can shop around and make sure you are always receiving the best rate.


No car?

Don’t have a car but still need to drive? Then you would need a Non-owners policy. A non-owner auto policy will ensure that you carry the benefits that you are required to have in order to comply with your state’s insurance auto laws. Often, non-owner insurance is cheaper than the average auto insurance policy because it does not cover a specific vehicle.

Foxx insurance agents have over 30 years of combined experience working with FR44 and SR22 policies. We have successfully helped over 10,000 people get the best possible rate, helping them get back on the road again. Get your free quote today!