Twelve Essential Items to Carry in your Golf Bag

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Guilty of showing up at the golf course without some golf balls or tees? Or finding yourself on the course with a ripped glove and an empty stomach? Golfers need more than clubs in their golf bag to be successful. Making sure you are prepared with essential golf items and equipment can make a day of golfing even more pleasurable. Here are some important items to carry in your golf bag while out on the course.

New golf balls and old ones
New ones can help you play better and old ones can help you practice. It’s always a good idea of have plenty of golf balls, but make sure not to pack too many because if you’re walking, it might be a tiring day.

Rain gear, especially an umbrella
Before hitting the course it is always a good idea to check the weather. If there’s a chance of rain, make sure to pack a rain jacket, a rain hood, and definitely an umbrella. You don’t want to be stuck with no rain gear out in the middle of the course when the thunderstorms strike.

Writing utensils including a pencil, pen, and sharpie
Writing utensils are needed for filling out the scorecard and marking your ball for identification. You don’t want to get your ball confused with someone else’s; that could bring extra penalty strokes you can’t afford.

Sun screen and bug spray
There are some sunny days and lots of bugs on the course during the golf season. Protecting your skin from burns and bug bites is of great importance.

Water bottle
It’s important to always bring a water bottle, especially on hot days. Almost all courses have water filling stations to help keep golfers hydrated and feeling fresh.

USGA Rules book
Not sure if you can move a ball from a certain obstruction or wondering how many strokes a certain penalty can cost you? No worries, keep yourself and your group in check by bringing a rule brook.

Multiple golf gloves
Make sure to bring extra in case your glove is ripped or you dropped it a few holes back. Some of your friends may need a helping hand by borrowing a glove as well.

A handful of tees is all you need for 18 holes of golf. The great thing about a tee is it can be used as a ball marker, divot tool, and teeing up the golf ball. A three in one tool that can help better your game and keep the course looking good.

All golfers have a bad shot out of the mud every once in a while. Using a towel can wipe all that gunk off your club so you have a nice clean surface for the next shot.

Ball markers
Ball markers are great for letting you pick your ball up on the green to clean it and place it back as well as getting the ball out of the way of other golfer’s putting lines. No need to go out and buy some, coins work great for this.

During a long round of golf, snacks are great for energizing. Some snacks to bring are energy bars, trail mix, or fruit.

First Aid Kit
If you find yourself out in the woods looking for a golf ball then its good to have some first aid supplies in case you get cut. Blisters and muscle pain are also very common among golfers, supplies to help with these while on the course can keep you enjoying your round of golf.

There are many other things you could bring as well such as a speaker for getting groovy on the course or a ball retriever for hitting the gold and finding some Pro V1 golf balls. These 12 items are essential to better enjoy your day of golf.